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Why was I contacted?


When and where does your show air?


What are the viewer demographics?


Who produces "HEALTHY LIVING"?


Where does the shooting take place?


Who is on the Editorial Selection Committee?


When will the shooting take place?


What are the costs?


How can you afford to do this?


Can you cite some examples, results and references?


What is the selection criteria to be Spotlighted on your Show?


Can my company be Spotlighted without licensing it for my own commercial-use?


What happens after we mutually agree to move forward?


We don't pay for publicity!


We're already on TV!


We already have a video


What if we're a Business to Business company?


A final challenge to skeptics






"HEALTHY LIVING" is styled in a newsmagazine / talk show format somewhere between “Oprah” and “Dateline.” It will provide reliable health information to consumers in an easy to digest and entertaining format. It will Spotlight new scientific discoveries worldwide while acknowledging proven practices and ancient remedies.

“Healthy Living” will feature renowned medical authorities and experts from organizations across the country in a variety of health modalities. Celebrity spokespeople will be invited to participate in the series to promote their charitable health related causes. Local medical associations and organizations will be invited to attend the tapings in the audience and may present their views and opinions on topics of health.




Why was I contacted?

You were either referred by an employee or associate or our research team thinks that your organization might be a good candidate for our Show. We'll need to confirm this and find out what you've been doing lately that might be of interest to a national or regional audience.

Click here to submit your Story.




When and where will "HEALTHY LIVING" air?

WHEN : Weekdays, primetime between 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm and on select weekend mornings between 8:00 am - 12:00 noon.

WHERE : 348 PBS Stations nationwide ( subject to approval by each affiliate's approval ) and in several foreign countries on major cable and satellite channels, broadcast affiliates, airlines, cruise lines, video streamed from top business portals.



What are the viewer demographics?

“Healthy Living” will reach a television viewership defined as adults 25-54 years old skewing more male than female; primarily in the $45,000 + annual income level. Our viewing audience consists of those that are college educated (a significant percentage with additional degrees), professionals, home owners, and credit card holders. These viewers have a much higher index than average for multiple member families, automobile purchases, vacation resort usage, electronics purchases and generally consume more news programs and publications.

To best reach our target viewer, we will air our program when this demographic group is most likely watching television. It will airon National Cable Networks (exceeding 50 million HH) on weekend mornings 7:00 am - 12:00 pm, and during primetime hours (5:30 pm - 9:00 pm) when target viewership is highest.

“Healthy Living” is approved for airing in literally ever television market in America, from the largest metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles and New York to markets ranked 500 + with local cable systems. Therefore we are ensuring our program coverage in nearly 100% of all television households in America. Our networks have the highest level of viewer recognition and are known for their quality programming. Our program had to pass a stringent critical review and approval process for clearance on these networks.



Who produces "HEALTHY LIVING"?

Located next to Universal Studios since 1987, TVA Productions has become one of the top business television, video, DVD and CD production / media distribution companies in the country---due largely to the overwhelming success of this new series.

TVA has won over 20 major awards for clients --- from startups and non-profits to the largest, including Amdahl, American Red Cross, Benchmark Capital, Cable & Wireless, Canon, Cessna, Diamond Brands, Disney, Epson, LDS Church, Lexus, Litton, Marriott, McDonalds, Namco, Nexell, Nickelodeon, Pharmavite, Salvation Army, Sony, Technicolor, 6-Flags, Universal Studios and Warner Bros.

( See Clients )

TVA produces (from script to screen - dubs to distribution) TV newsmagazines, video news releases (VNRs), documentaries, TV Specials, 70 millimeter WaterScreen attractions (world's largest), TV spots, corporate videos, and direct mail video brochures -- in every major language.

( See News Team )

( See Production Team )



Where does the shooting take place?

Company Spotlights are shot on multiple locations throughout the world. Our Emmy-winning news anchors will do your wraparounds from one of the top news sets in Hollywood, just minutes from TVA's main studio (next to Universal Studios). Interviews of our industry analysts and commentators are taped in-studio or on locations of their choosing.

BWN Studio



Who is on the Editorial Selection Committee?

Award-winning broadcast journalists, news anchors, producers, directors, editors and PR execs. The committee is chaired by Jeffery Goddard, a long-time member of the Production Executives Committee for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences; NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives); a frequent judge for the Emmy Awards and owner of TVA Productions.


( See News Team )



When will the shooting take place?

Usually within 1 - 2 weeks after script is approved --- on a date that is acceptable to you. The average turnaround time from script to screen, dubs to distribution is four to six weeks.



What are the costs?

Companies do not pay to be Spotlighted on "HEALTHY LIVING"

We cover 100% of the expenses for our broadcast and syndication purposes --- including all worldwide travel and location expenses incurred for the production of your Spotlight.

In exchange for the non-exclusive worldwide syndication and licensing rights to your story, we'll also cover 50 - 90% of the budget for a Commercial-Use BTB and/or BTC Licensing / Media Package for your exclusive corporate licensing use and benefit. (A firm quote will be given once we see how well you meet our selection criteria.)


The packages include :

Complete access to all footage and edited masters; video reprints; repeat primetime airings in cities you select for six months; VNR distribution to 450 TV NEWSROOMS and 10,500 reporters in 69 countries via Media Alert; airlines and cruise lines as in-flight programming (Level II and III) and top portals on the internet; internet streaming rights; production of an expanded corporate video & cd-rom version; large supply of VHS and CD copies; tradeshow loop tapes, etc.

Your Spotlight will also be positioned as a Top Story on the “Healthy Living”' home page for six months with links to the complete transcript, streaming video, programming schedule, capsule description under "Sponsors" and "Results" page---all linked to your website.

*A detailed costs breakdown is at bottom of each Level's webpage.



How can you afford to do this?

By syndication and licensing deals with airlines, cruise lines, overseas cable & satellite networks, production houses, newsrooms and business portals on the internet.

"HEALTHY LIVING" will not rely on commercial-cluttering advertising revenue. Syndication, sponsorship & licensing revenues allow episodes to air commercial free --- which keeps ratings high and channel switching low. Revenues also come from repeat orders for video cassettes and CDs, Spotlight updates and licensing stock footage from our ever-increasing library.



Can you cite case studies, results and references?

Many. Out of 106 televised Spotlights to date, 105 of the companies will tell you they got everything promised plus more and were happy with the results.

Every company featured is listed on our Results and Spotlights pages.

Not only sophisticated and media savvy Fortune 500s and global conglomerates, but many startups, non-profits, and "mom & pops" have taken advantage of our incomparable offer.



What is the selection criteria to be Spotlighted on your Show?

We select organizations to Spotlight on the basis of these five criteria :

1. Will your Story be of interest to our viewers?

2. Will your Story add to the syndication and licensing value of our TV series and video library?

3. Does your timing (desired start, shooting and on-air dates) fit our production and broadcast schedule?

4. Does your Story fit with the other scheduled Spotlights?



Can my company be Spotlighted without licensing it
for my own commercial-use?

Certainly---if your Story meets our selection criteria and there is a slot available. Those with at least a partial vested interest in the outcome are given priority. Overall, Licensees are far more responsive and cooperative in helping TVA produce the best Spotlight for broadcast possible.

Since we cover 50-90% of the budget for the Licensing Package, not only Fortune 500s and global conglomerates, but also dozens of 1-2 man startups, non-profits, and "mom & pops" have been able to license their Spotlight for commercial use---some for as little as 10% of the total budget (i.e. $1,666 per month for a six month Level I package worth over $100,000).

Out of the nearly 300 story submissions received weekly, most are thrilled to receive a production - primetime media & promotion package worth $100k-$300k* for ten to fifty cents on the dollar.

*A detailed costs breakdown is at bottom of each Level's webpage.



What happens after we mutually agree to move forward?

After we receive your info via our on-line form, we will :


1. Fax a Participation Agreement and Production Schedule for your approval.

2. Refine story angles based on the raw information you supply and work up a script for your approval. See Concept Development Survey

3. Confirm shooting locations and logistics for news crew.

4. Shoot and edit your Spotlight---both the broadcast version and expanded corporate video version. (Our EmmyĆ-winning news anchors will do your wraparounds from one of the top news sets in Hollywood.).

5. Deliver VHS and CD-Rom copies; tradeshow loop tapes, etc. to you.

6. Help set up internet streaming from your website (and many others).

7. Distribute to TV Stations and if you are a Level II or III Licensee---to cruise lines, airlines and internet business portals.

8. Actively promote your Spotlight via press releases, Media Alerts to over 450 television newsrooms offering complete transcript, VNR and B-roll on Beta or 3/4"; newsletters, internet, mass opt-in emailing, etc.

9. Monitor Results.

10. Develop additional distribution and syndication opportunities that will increase visibility of your story.



We don't pay for publicity!

Companies do not pay to be featured on the Show---only for its commercial licensing use.

(Most news media charge fees for corporate licensing rights, reprints, special supplements, sponsorship packages, etc.)

* No TV news organization has the resources in labor, time or funds to cover every worthy story. With CNN and other major news media laying off hundreds of staffers, 90% of TV newsrooms now rely on video news releases (VNRs), electronic press kits (EPKs) and B-roll footage provided by outside sources as a regular part of their newscasts. (Source: Medialink Study, February 2001)

* Typical production costs for most professionally-produced VNRs can run from $10,000 to $20,000. Add satellite uplink distribution and the total package can easily be $30,000 or more. Yet "HEALTHY LIVING" Licensees pay only 10 to 50% of the budget for their commercial-use Licensing / Media package which includes: complete access to all footage, corporate usage rights, video reprints, production of an expanded corporate video and CD version of their Spotlight, repeat airings in cities they select, large supply of videotapes and cd-roms, internet streaming rights, etc.

* We've found that companies which share at least a partial vested interest in the outcome are far more responsive and cooperative in helping us produce the best news story for broadcast possible.

* PR firms are paid large fees to generate the kind of positive publicity our program brings to each participant (for only a small percentage of the total budget.)


Solution to Commercial Zapping via Digital Black Boxes :

With the proliferation of personal video recorders (PVRs) offered by such companies as TiVo and ReplayTV, commercial zapping on TV has never been easier. So innovative advertisers are increasingly turning to video news releases, documercials and sponsored TV newsmagazines to ensure their message continues to be heard.

Company Spotlights are presented commercial-free in a highly credible format similar to "Dateline" or "20/20" by accredited news journalists. Because TVA buys the airtime themselves on major national and regional cable channels and broadcast affiliates, our fully-accredited program guarantees reach, frequency (i.e. # of primetime airings), approval rights, production values, distribution to 450 news rooms, airlines, cruise lines, etc.

Traditional PR and publicity is often hit and miss because you have no control over what angle the media will take; when, where and how often your story will air (usually only a one-time 12-second soundbite) and how much of the story actually ends up being seen by anyone.


We're already on TV!

We're not talking about a quickie 12-second sound bite from some talking heads that airs only once--but an in-depth Spotlight that gives viewers a much more impactful and memorable impression (further enhanced by multiple airings over a six month period).

Click here to see recent episodes.



We already have a video.

And it probably looks just like the typical self-aggrandizing, highly predictable industrial video that today's viewers are shunning worldwide. After producing hundreds of corporate videos since 1987, we're finding that today's audiences are so visually sophisticated and cynical it requires a whole new approach (such as 3rd party media endorsements via TV newsmagazines) to impress them. See Press for news articles which attest to this.

For less than what many companies pay for just the production costs of an in-house industrial video --- "HEALTHY LIVING" Licensees have found that having an award-winning TV news team providing 3rd party endorsements makes it a much more credible message.

In a recent Roper Survey, when Americans were asked which they found the most credible - television, radio or newspapers - the answer, by a two-to-one margin, was television.



What if we're a Business to Business or narrow niche company?

A Commercial-use Licensing/Media Package is designed for B2B and B2C Licensees with both :

NARROWcasting benefits: targeted multiple airings in cities you select; video streaming from your website and major internet portals; unlimited use of an expanded corporate video version; large supply of videotapes and CD-Roms, tradeshow loop tapes, TV by Mail (to ensure the Spotlight is seen by your target audience) -- and several other corporate usage rights, protections and benefits.

For example, during a medical convention in Chicago, TVA saturated the market for B2B Licensee, "Applied Medical" (Episode #83) by running the Spotlight on local cable channels and in hotels surrounding the convention center (via closed-circuit cable) as well as on-board shuttle buses. They featured the trade-show loop tape on a large screen TV at their exhibit and handed out or mailed the large supply of video cassettes and CDs to their best prospects. (Licensee was thrilled with the targeted response and has since given us new production assignments).

BROAD-cast benefits: over 70 million guaranteed households reached via broadcast networks, cable, satellite, internet, airlines, cruise ships, etc. which drives major traffic to websites, increases sales and share price --- (often to historical highs), with long-term image branding via an in-depth televised news Spotlight --- ten times longer than a TV spot; distribution to hundreds of other newsrooms via Media Alerts...


A final challenge to skeptics:

Find another medium that has more impact than primetime, in-depth TV news coverage; 3rd party endorsements by Emmy-winning news journalists; multiple airings nationwide via network broadcast affiliates, major cable networks, satellite, airlines, cruise lines, etc.; customized corporate videos, CD-Roms, internet streaming, tradeshow loop tapes, TV-By-Mail, press release announcements, etc.

Find an alternative medium that combines national or (if you prefer) regional publicity / PR / B2B and / or B2C marketing / advertising / branding / direct-marketing / DRTV / investor relations / recruitment and training benefits with more "bang for the buck."

* See Costs & Benefits Breakdowns