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Pac Man's 20th birthday

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National #2


Sep/99 to Mar/00

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Video games are manufactured by the thousands and placed in arcade environments where there is no supervision and censorship - how does this 20 year old veteran created by NAMCO stack up? 

Broadcast Excerpts

Many critics blame the recent tragic incidences of school violence on the video games that kids play. Death, Destruction, Guns and Bombs seem to be the elements through which these video games market themselves to our nations' youth. Without thought of accountability, these games are manufactured and by the thousands, are placed in Video Arcade environments where there is no supervision and censorship on what our kids enjoy as "play".

Well 20 years ago a company called Namco joined the then increasingly competitive arena of video games for the home and the arcade environment. Their approach was wholesome, good-natured fun for all the family to enjoy. And as a family game it became a household name. It was Pac-Man. And now with its 20th anniversary just around the corner, Pac-Man's got a brand new bag! He's in 3-D! Look at Business World News with this exiting story on the "Man of the Arcade World", Pac-Man.


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