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August 8, 2005







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Welcome to Business World News spotlight on success, where we take you across the globe in search of people and companies that are making an impact on our lives. I'm Mark Kriski


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And I'm Marti Johnson.


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On today's program, we're taking a look at menopause and a remarkable new product that puts women in mid-life back in control. Reporter Jill Brown has more.


Reporter on Cam in front of older women's health class(e.g., yoga) which includes our actors

Twenty-two million women will make the transition to menopause this year. More and more of them are taking control of this important stage of their lives with an at-home test called Menocheck that tells them when menopause is just around the corner.

Dr. Corio on camera

Dr. Corio SOT

Prompt questions:

“Why is it important for women to know that they are approaching menopause?”

Dr. Corio's answers to the effect of:

“An early and accurate diagnosis of menopause can allow women with irritating symptoms to develop a management strategy early on and minimize their suffering. Patients can also have peace of mind that their symptoms aren't caused by some other illness.”

[Graphic build]

Menopause Symptoms

•  Changes in periods

•  Hot flashes

•  Headaches

•  Sleep disturbances

•  Mood changes

•  Vaginal atrophy

•  Lack of concentration

Reporter VO:

Women approaching menopause experience a wide variety of symptoms, including changes in their periods, hot flashes, headaches, sleep disturbances, mood changes, vaginal atrophy and lack of concentration. Symptoms may happen so gradually that women don't realize they're caused by menopause and they suffer needlessly for months — or fear the worst.

B-roll of patient having blood drawn and lab technicians

B-roll of Menocheck wand dipped in sample bottle (?) and indicator lines appearing.

Reporter VO:

In more recent years, Doctors tested for the onset of menopause by taking a blood sample and ordering lab tests… These can be painful, inconvenient and expensive.

By contrast, Menocheck is a one-step midstream urine test that women can use in the privacy of their own homes at a fraction of the cost and get their answer right away.

It's the first over-the-counter menopause indicator test to have been made commercially available and is based on technology that women already trust – the same type of technology used in the home pregnancy test.

Dr. Corio on camera

[Consider a chart showing normal FSH levels – 25 mIU/mL - surging to 500 mIU/mL as a women approaches and goes through menopause – too technical? Could Dr. Corio present?]

Dr. Corio SOT

Prompt questions:

“How does Menocheck work?”

Dr. Corio's answers to the effect of:

“Menocheck works by measuring levels of a hormone in the blood called FSH. When women are approaching menopause, levels of FSH increase dramatically, up to 20 times normal levels. 2 Menocheck measures this surge in FSH.”

B-roll of Synova

Reporter VO:

Menocheck is approved by the FDA and is distributed by Media, PA-based Synova Healthcare Incorporated.


Reporter On Camera:

The company was founded in early 2003 with the goal of putting rapid, non-invasive medical tests right into the hands of consumers and healthcare providers.



Female financial analyst [suggestion – or Synova official]

Prompt question:

“How would you describe the trend in products that give consumers more control of their health?”

Analyst's answers to the effect of:

“Products that give consumers more control of their health represent a vast market.

We have seen a growing trend in self-testing by consumers and rapid point-of sale in-office testing by clinicians.

A recent industry report suggested that the worldwide point-of-care testing market will achieve sales of six billion dollars by the year 2010 – that is approximately twice the level of sales observed in 2003.”




Female financial analyst [suggestion]

Prompt question:

“Why is there a growing market for self-test products?”

Analyst's answers to the effect of:

“The point of care testing market is growing both because consumers want to feel in control of their health and because everyone wants to reduce healthcare expenditures. Anything that streamlines the process from diagnosis to treatment, and reduces healthcare spending is going to be welcomed by patients, physicians and insurers alike.”

B-roll of physician at work

Reporter VO:

Synova has also developed a version of Menocheck that physicians can use in their offices, called Menocheck Pro.




MenocheckPro helps physicians rapidly and accurately diagnose the onset of menopause while the patient is still in the office. This helps streamline diagnosis and allows the physician to start working with the patient right away to make changes for her long-term health.

Shots of patient 2 (Eve) in the exercise class

Note A

Reporter VO:

Notes A,B

Just short of her 50 th birthday, Eve began experiencing frequent headaches and mood swings.

Patient 2 Eve On Cam

Patient 2 Eve:

“I was taking care of my sick mother and helping my son get ready for college — I just thought the headaches and my changing moods were caused by stress. I didn't bother mentioning them to my doctor."


Reporter VO:

Eventually, the mood swings and headaches prompted Eve to see her doctor. And after six months of these symptoms, Eve had started to worry that it might be something serious. However, her doctor said that she might be approaching menopause and pulled out Menocheck Pro. Soon they had their answer. Eve's perimenopausal hormone changes were causing her symptoms.

Patient 2 Eve On Cam

Patient 2


"I couldn't believe it. I was so relieved that it wasn't anything serious. My doctor and I then came up with a way of managing my headaches and mood changes that allowed me to get on with my busy schedule."

Dr. Corio on camera


Women also commonly experience hot flashes and irregular bleeding as they approach menopause.

Shots of patient 3 (Eunice) in the exercise class

Patient 3


"I teach yoga and was being caught off guard in the middle of class by bleeding. I'd have to excuse myself and interrupt my lessons — it became really embarrassing.


Patient 3

Susan On Camera:

"On top of that, I'd get these hot flashes where my face would get extremely hot and red, and I'd start sweating. Sweating in class is one thing, but during a business meeting with a potential client… I couldn't deal with it anymore."

B-roll of pharmacy (pharmacist and patient consulting)

Patient 3

Susan VO:

"I knew that some of my friends had had the same symptoms as they entered menopause, so I asked my pharmacist if there was something I could take to relieve my discomfort. He asked me if I had considered a menopause home test to confirm my suspicion and advised me to see my doctor after taking the test."


Dr. Marlon Honeywell, Prof Pharmacy Practice, Florida A & M University SOT

Prompt questions:

"What role do pharmacists play in helping people take control of their health?"

"What role do you see for home menopause testing kits like Menocheck?"


Dr. Honeywell's answer to the effect of:

"Qualified pharmacists are often in the right place at the right time to give health advice.

"Self-diagnosis tests like Menocheck can be an effective resource for women who want to make the best choices for their future health."


Patient 3

Susan On Camera:

"I was amazed at how easy Menocheck was. The next morning I tested and within minutes I learnedI was approaching menopause. I made an appointment with my doctor and finally felt like I could take control of my symptoms.

Shots of patient 3 (Eunice) in the exercise class

Patient 3

Susan VO

"Now I go to class and can focus on what I'm really there to do — teach!"



Nurse practitioner on camera SOT:

Prompt questions:

"Why do women hesitate to see a doctor about symptoms of menopause?"

"How can a test like Menocheck help?"

Nurse's answer to the effect of:

"Women experiencing unfamiliar, frightening or embarrassing symptoms are often afraid to see their doctors. Some don't consider menopause and they're afraid it's something more serious.

"Menocheck can conveniently gives them the information they need and it empowers them to make the best decisions, along with their healthcare provider, for their post-menopausal health."


Reporter On Camera:

There are other good reasons to diagnose menopause early with Menocheck. Studies show that after menopause, the risks of serious diseases such as osteoporosis and heart disease increase dramatically.

B-roll of women doing healthy activities e.g., drinking milk, eating good diets, exercising

Dr. Corio on camera SOT:

Prompt questions:

"How does menopause affect bone loss?"

"How does menopause affect heart health?"

Dr. Corio's answer to the effect of:

"At menopause, women start to lose bone mass, so the risk of osteoporosis soars. Between menopause and the age of 80 women can lose one-third of their bone mass." 1

"Heart disease also becomes more likely after menopause and after the age of 50, more than half of all deaths in women are caused by cardiovascular disease." 1

"Early diagnosis of menopause can help women get a head start on reducing these risks."

Reporter in pharmacy holding Menocheck next to store display


By providing women with an easy, convenient menopause test, Menocheck saves women time, money and needless discomfort. Menocheck can empower women to take control of their health and plan for their future.

One small at-home test... one Big, Big Idea.

For Business World News, I'm xxx


Anchor 1 Mark:

Thanks, xxxx


Anchor 2 Marti:

And remember, if Menocheck tells you that are approaching menopause you should always see your doctor to check for any other medical conditions and put together a health care strategy that's right for you.


Anchor 1 Mark:

For more information on Menocheck, visit the Menocheck website at

Or call [ is there a customer service number? ]


Notes to Medical Reviewers

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